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acupuncture-sports-medicineWhether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, a yogi or someone who likes to stay in shape, there are those times when your body is pushed to perform, honing your skill and technique, building a healthier, stronger, faster and more agile athlete.
In athletics, injuries may occur as we push beyond our limits. Injuries can start as seemingly minor aches & pain such as that nagging tug on the back of your heel, that spot between your shoulders, that hip or back pain that won’t go away or the elbow that won’t let you swing the golf club without reminding you that it is there. All of these are signals of injuries that are not debilitating, yet, and are often ignored. “Oh, it will go away.” Then one day the annoying tolerable pain catches you off guard & is now keeping you from your daily activities and athletic endeavors. What started out as a minor ache or pain can lead to a more serious injury that could take a very long time to heal! And for the serious athlete or person trying to get into the best shape ever, this could lead to a serious set back. This probably could have been avoided if that pain, a warning signal, was treated at first sign by acupuncture.

In today’s world, we often want a quick fix, take a pill and make it better. We use painkillers & anti-inflammatory drugs to dull the pain and reduce inflammation. It may be a quick and easy approach but it’s a temporary fix.

By covering up the pain, stiffness, &/or swelling you may be masking a deeper problem. These are the warning signals that your body is telling you that something is weakened, out of balance and needs attention; pain is a warning signal telling you to stop, rest and heal.

In the short term, drugs may enable you to return to sport & carry on with your life, but, in the long run, it may make the problem worse. There are also the side effects from drugs that could hinder your performance.

Acupuncture can often provide immediate relief & has long lasting benefits. It can help you return to peak performance by restoring the proper & continuous flow of vital life force energy, called Qi.

Qi circulates through pathways called meridians throughout your body in order to nourish every cell, tissue, muscle, tendon and organ. The circulation of Qi provides you with good health, proper function and pain free living.

Though acupuncture is gaining popularity in our modern culture as a fast acting healing tool for injuries, it has been around for centuries in the marital arts. Specific techniques are used to stop or reduce pain, increase range of motion, decrease inflammation, reduce swelling, minimize bruising, increase localized circulation. relax muscles, relieve spams, calm nerves, and increase performance.

Acupuncture is part of a broad-based treatment approach. Treatments may be combined with other therapies such as herbs to naturally eliminate pain & reduce inflammation, exercise to increase muscle strength & joint mobility, & massage to enhance soft tissue healing.

Many athletes visit their acupuncturist prior to an event such as a competition. game, race, marathon or triathlon because they have noted the benefits of balance, endurance and optimal performance from Oriental Medicine.

Prevention and maintaining optimal health is key to athletic performance. By nourishing, strengthening and supporting the body, acupuncture can provide a competitive edge, unlocking an athlete’s full athletic potential.

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Her experience as a former Rehabilitation Counselor and 14 years of counseling experience adds to her understanding of injuries and how they affect a person on every level-body, mind and spirit. Please contact Susan for a consultation. She offers seminars on Wholistic Medicine and Sports Nutrition for Optimal Performance.

Some Athletic Conditions Treated by Acupuncture

Achilles Tendonitis
Carpal Tunnel
Digestive Disorders
Eye Problems
Foot Pain
Golfer’s Elbow
Hip Pain
Iliotibial Band
Knee Pain
Low Back Pain
Menstrual Disorders
Neck Pain
Pitcher’s Shoulder
Plantar Fasciitis
Post Operative Pain
Reproductive Disorders
Rotator Cuff
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Shin Splints
Shoulder Pain
Sleep Disturbance
Spinal Pain
Tennis Elbow
Trigger Finger
Wrist Pain

Aging Jock Gets Relief

I have visited Susan for acupuncture many times over the years, and for a variety of issues. The issues included: tension under my scapular, a threatened tear of my Achilles tendon, and overuse injuries from too much time spent on a Stairmaster machine. I have found acupuncture to be very gentle medicine — treatments are relaxing and (at least for me) the needles rarely hurt and always heal. I have been astounded how effective acupuncture is for soft tissue injuries, when all western medicine offered was a shrug and a bottle of ibuprofen. Susan is gentle, bright, interesting and has a wry sense of humor. I recommend her highly and without hesitation.
Frank M. Aging Jock, Writer, and Leadership Development Consultant

Surgery Prevention for Pain

Susan Goldstone was referred to me by a friend who had amazing results with pain that was caused by her workout. So as a last result, before my scheduled surgery, I had a treatment with Susan. Well, 4 weeks later and guess what? No surgery! I am back to running and my yoga classes-pain free. I see Susan once a month for a tune up; acupuncture helps me stay balanced in this stressful world.
Ann B., Entrepreneur