Goldstone Acupuncture & Whole Health, LLC has been providing an Integrative Approach to Wellness, Prevention and Health Care since 1993. Please review the many services offered by this Fort Collins Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Practitioner. We look forward to serving you!

  • 1 1/2 Hours Initial Visit including Extensive Health History and Acupuncture Treatment:
  • 1 Hour Acupuncture Follow Up Treatments.
    Discounted Packages are offered when frequent treatments are recommended.
  • 1/2 Hour Acupuncture Follow Up Treatments.
  • 1 Hour CranioSacral Treatments.
  • 1 Hour Sound Healing Sessions.
  • 1 Hour of a combination of Acupuncture, CranioSacral and/or Sound Healing.
  • 1 Hour Consultation Fees (Herbal Medicine, Functional Medical Results, Life & Spiritual Coaching).
  • 1 Hour Energy Light Facial Rejuvenation.
    Discounted Packages are offered for an ELR Series.
  • Pediatric Visits (under age 12) Initial Visit and Treatment.
  • Pediatric Visits (under age 12) Follow Up Treatments.

Herbal Medicine, Supplements and Functional Medicine Testing Kits are additional costs.

Email has been very helpful for our patients in answering health related questions efficiently, and there has been such a demand for this option that in order to continue to provide this service we charge $10.00 per 5 minute increment for the time it takes us to respond. This fee applies only to patients’ health related questions between office visits and does not apply to herb/supplement orders or other administrative tasks. Thanks for understanding!