Autumn is a time when the yang/warmth of the sun begins to lessen and give way to the yin/cooler seasons of fall and winter. In autumn one must begin to store vital energy in order to make it through the winter in a healthy state.  It is a time when your energy moves deeper into the body to protect the organs from illness.  As opposed to the energy being at the surface during the spring and summer seasons so that you can get things done, Now it is time to gather your nuts and berries and slow down from the sometimes frenetic activity of the summer. The movement of autumn in Chinese medicine is downward, and this is evident in the root-based vegetables that are available during this time. These veggies reach down into the ground to acquire the rich nutrients of the earth.  In turn when we consume these foods, we acquire that energy.


Autumn is the season of letting go.  As the trees release their leaves, so do we release that which no longer serves us.  So use this time to go within and clean house.  What emotional or physical patterns are you holding onto that no longer serve you? As the Phoenix dies and turns to ashes only to be reborn in a new majestic form from those ashes, know that when you let go of a form that needs to die, something new and beautiful will be born. This time of year is related to the energy of Metal in the Chinese Medicine 5 Elements.  The organs that are affected during this time are the Lungs and Large Intestine. The emotion that can arise is grief as we let go. So keep your Lungs strong, your Intestines healthy and your emotions even through acupuncture, good diet, positive thinking and mindful intentions. “In this way, one’s tranquility can still be maintained even in the sough of the autumn atmosphere, and the breath of the lung can be kept even as well.” Chapter 2 of the Huang Di Nei Jing.