Fort Collins Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

acupuncture-meridiansAcupuncture & Oriental Medicine is a 4000 year old medicine that began in China and has been further cultivated in other Asian countries-Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Now, firmly rooted in our Western culture, Oriental Medicine has gained recognition for its wholistic approach to treating dis-eases or imbalances that lead to greater health problems. The wisdom of this ancient medicine is based on the premise that many aches, pains, and other discomforts are manifestations of other underlying health problems or inharmonic patterns. Instead of developing a one-sided picture based only on symptoms, the uniqueness of each individual is considered- the interaction of body, mind spirit and heart. This broader approach is the foundation for each person that walks into this office and for each treatment.

After a thorough evaluation, based on an Oriental Medical Diagnosis, a course of treatment will be determined. The number of treatments needed to alleviate a disorder, depends on the individual as well as the magnitude and type of illness or disharmony. After the evaluation, a treatment plan will be developed using one or more of the Oriental Medical modalities offered- Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Consultation, Qi Gong Exercises (Movement of Energy through Breathe) or other forms of exercise that might benefit each individual. Combining other Energy Medicine modalities may be recommended to enhance the treatment and speed up the healing process such as Harmonic Sound Healing or CranioSacral Therapy. Treatment plans are unique for each individual.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is also offered to patients that may need further exploration & accuracy of their imbalances through the use of laboratory testing such as Adrenal Stress Tests, Hormonal Testing or Tests to further explore Digestive Disturbances. Appropriate supplementation and dietary counseling can be more effectively targeted based on these tests and enhance the Oriental Medical Diagnosis. More information can be found under Nutrition.

Every treatment plan is unique to each individual. By using a cooperative approach and having access to many wholistic modalities, we hope that you’ll receive the maximum benefit from all sources that will help you achieve optimal health and well-being.