Herbal Medicine


What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

While some conditions respond very well to acupuncture alone, other symptoms are best treated with herbal therapy or a combination of the two. Your practitioner will advise you as to whether or not she would recommend herbs.

Chinese herbs are prescribed differently than what you may be used to from your local herb shop or health food store. Chinese herbs are almost never given one herb at a time. Instead, we create “formulas” or recipes that are very specific to your diagnosed condition.

We provide herbal preparations that match both your diagnosis and your lifestyle, which may include powders or granulars that can be dissolved in hot water, or pills, capsules, liquid tinctures, salves or liniments.

Are Chinese herbs safe?

Chinese herbs are quite safe when prescribed by a trained herbalist. Even though herbs work at a more subtle and holistic level than Western drugs, they can be quite powerful and may produce negative reactions if taken by someone other than the patient. Therefore, your herbal formula should not be shared with others.

We are careful about combining herbal medicine with any prescription drugs you may be taking. It is very important that you let your practitioner know about any prescriptions, vitamins and supplements you may be taking. Furthermore, we would be happy to provide information about your herbs to your doctor to make sure you are getting the safest and most effective care possible.

Finally, the herbs used in this clinic are purchased from distributors with impeccable reputations for quality control. This assures us that you will receive exactly the herbs you are prescribed and that they will be free from contaminants.

How long will I have to take the herbs?unnamed

Each person’s course of treatment will be different. In acute conditions, such as a cold or flu, you may need to take the herbs only a few days. For more chronic concerns like digestive or menstrual problems, you make take the herbs several months. As your symptoms change, your practitioner will also change the herbs. The goal is to correct the problem, allowing your body to take over it’s natural homeostatic inclination.

Are Nutritional Supplements Offered?

This Fort Collins Acupuncture & Whole Health Center also carries nutritional supplements and detoxification products that meet your nutritional requirements.

**Please note, that taking herbs and supplementation is not a requirement; it is a recommendation that is suggested when deemed appropriate by your Oriental Medical Practitioner.