Aging Well-nessAging Well-ness Picture

“The key to growth
is the introduction
of higher dimensions of consciousness
into our awareness.”

— Lao Tzu

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine view life’s rhythm in cycles and seasons. This Ancient Medicine revived in modernity is proving to have a positive impact on Aging Well-ness. A medicine steeped in mindfulness, can bring heart and meaning to our lives and enrich our intention for a healthy aging process. In doing so, it requires that we come back, over and over again, to our intention to be awake as we age. Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine are for those who want to age consciously; integrating body, mind, spirit and heart.

Each and every one of us is advancing through life on both a horizontal (age) and a vertical (awareness) plane. Dr Leon Hammer, (one of my mentors and Author of Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies and Chinese Pulse Diagnosis; A Contemporary Approach) talks about life on a continuum. We are born and then we begin the race to death. Genetics, environment, lifestyle, food, drink, love, mental attitude, social and community networks – all play a role in how we move through this continuum.

unnamed-2We strengthen a little here; we take away a little there. In a time of great stress, grief, or shock, we may decrease our vital resources, compromising our vitality, our health and emotional wellbeing. In a time of great happiness, joyful abundance, or an ‘aha’ wakening, we may increase our vitality, our essence providing us with vitality, strength, harmony, and a strong immune system.

The beauty of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine is that it is all about balance. Keeping our vitality harmonized and tonified, providing us with optimal health and wellbeing. Helping us move through the aging process consciously and with a greater sense of ease.

At this Fort Collins Acupuncture & Whole Health Center, we are committed to Aging Well-ness. We are very mindful of being conscious throughout this process. It is also important to look at our physical health as well; helping to eliminate or minimize those aches and pains or health concerns that have evolved through time. Using a holistic approach to health without drugs or invasive medical approaches.

We have no choice but to move along our horizontal lifeline and, hopefully, move up our vertical awareness chain. Receiving acupuncture can help bring us back to balance, back to our true self, so that we can find the intrigue in the physical journey and become consciously awake and aware during the aging process.